Rise and shine, cryo-naut. The thaw can be a bit disorienting. While you’re waiting for your synapses to defrost, take a minute to join the Exodus Index.

Registered travelers are entitled to a Warp Skipper, nav chart, and plenty of star systems ripe for the taking. There’s no going home, only going forward.

About Reddact Game

The Reddact Engine propels our second chance. Its warp technology redefined where mankind stood in the universe, sending us sprawling across the cosmos. Now, with Earth evacuated, it is time to find a new path:



There are over 4502 star systems within warp distance, each offering an abundance of resources and opportunities. Carve out a slice of the heavens and watch your influence grow.


You’re not alone. Even in the vastness of space there is strength in numbers; humans are pack animals, after all. Forge new alliances amongst the stars or join the ranks of established institutions.


Knowledge is power, and power is key to survival. Discover unearthly secrets hidden under the fabric of reality.